Sunday, 20 March 2016

A Wander Through My Week | 11 of 52

First of all, I'd like to apologise for being a day late with my weekly photo diary. I had a late night on Friday and then had to survive the day on 5 hours sleep. I could barely stay awake to watch England Rugby win the Grand-Slam at the 6 Nations, so blogging was so not going to happen.

As for the lack of other posts lately, well, I just haven't felt like writing. I mean, the ideas are stored up here *taps head*, but actually having the motivation to do anything? Nope. 

11th March 2016

Today was a high ponytail and a striped bow from Tiger kind of day.

12th March 2016

Pretty lilies that my Mother bought. I love looking at lilies but I rather hate the smell as they can be overpowering. Luckily, these ones aren't so bad.

13th March 2016

Dinnertime at 'Bill's' with some of my favourite work people. Pancakes were on the dessert menu and I can never say no to pancakes. These were glorious. Oh, and so was the hot chocolate that I had to accompany it.

14th March 2016

Look at me being all healthy on my break! I must have been fruit deprived because I had been craving it all morning.

15th March 2016

Sneaky photo of me being at a very adulty place. All will be revealed soon.

16th March 2016

Spent my afternoon on the Ikea website building a shopping list of things I would buy for my future home.

17th March 2016

Oh look. I went to Waitrose and I bought cake. What a shocker.

I can't make any promises for the coming week with regards to any activity on here. I'd like to think that I'll be able to sit down one afternoon and just type away.

Until then, ciao!

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