Sunday, 27 March 2016

A Wander Through My Week | 12 of 52

HI! *slaps self on wrist for not blogging more often* I'm still suffering from le epic 'bloggers block' and it's quite frustrating. *sigh*

18th March 2016

Pretty purple lights at Bristol Harbourside. Yes, I actually went outside *gasps* but when a friends birthday includes alcohol and food (mainly alcohol) then one must leave the house.

19th March 2016

Arrived home from Keelin's to find my favourite Disney film on the TV.

20th March 2016

I only went and walked 6 miles for Sports Relief! Keelin and I are so bloody proud of ourselves for this. 

21st March 2016

The lilies are still alive! Although, if it was up to me to water them, they'd be dead by now.

22nd March 2016


23rd March 2016

The sign of a well-read book. It is quite possible that I dropped into the bath on one of my past reads, which didn't help things.

24th March 2016

'Innocent' packaging is as good as, maybe even better, than that of 'Lush'.
I can't believe the lies that we have been told!

Do you know what? I managed to write this in under 30 minutes! That must be a record for me! I was under a bit of pressure to get it posted as not only am I a day late (again), at 8pm there is a TV programme on about The Queen and I want to give it my full attention.

See you later mes petites!

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