Saturday, 12 March 2016

A Wander Through My Week | 10 of 52

Well my lovelies, long time no see.

I returned to work this week and I have had absolutely no energy or motivation to write anything and as it is, I'm leaving this to the very last minute. 


And now I'm sat here eating Milk Duds to give me a sugar boost. I blame my local Tesco Express for this. I only went in for cake and then I spotted that they now stock American candy. We all know my weakness for this.

4th March 2016

NEW WORK SHOES!! They are so frickin' comfortable! They may look like slippers, and they may feel like you are wearing slippers too but they are not. I promise you. 
These are £25.00 on ASOS and they are from the Men's shoe department because I have big feet. Here is what they look like close up (from
*strokes lovingly*

5th March 2016

According to Timehop, today marked the three year anniversary since I went to see this in the cinema whilst waiting for Michelle to finish work for the day, I remember being SO excited to hear this was being made into a movie because it was (is) one of my favourite Nicholas Sparks novels. 
On that note, I am looking forward to seeing The Choice as I have vague memories of liking that book too. 

6th March 2016

Chandelier goals at the Guildhall where my parents and I went to see the actor who plays Dr. Turner in Call the Midwife talking about his new book (about Call the Midwife funnily enough).

7th March 2016

An accurate representation of what I had for dinner in the form of Haribo.
(it was bacon and eggs, and a can of Diet Pepsi)

8th March 2016

On my way to my first early at work after my break. Can you see the mornings getting lighter?! Two weeks ago, it was pretty much still dark out at 6am.
SUMMER IS ON IT'S WAY! woopwoop!

9th March 2016

My absolute favourite chocolate chip cookies at the moment. 
They are the 'Big and Chunky' from Maryland and they are the best.

10th March 2016

The Guides were making pom-pom rabbits and I thought I'd try to make one myself. Due to a slight mishap with making a pom-pom, I ran out of time to make a 'head', so I just turned the one I did finish into a dangly ball of squish!

Do you realise that I have now taken a whole 70 photos for this? I never thought I'd keep it going for so long. Here's to another 70!

See y'all next week!


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