Saturday, 20 February 2016

A Wander Through My Week | 7 of 52

yo yo YO! It's that time of the week again where you see what I've been up to this week. Which, as per usual, isn't that interesting to anyone but me. But, whatevz. 

12th February 2016

 This day was the day I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time in months. Such pain us ladies go through in the name of vanity! Anyhoo, because of this momentous occasion, I decided to treat myself to a new eyebrow product. After using it a week, I am still undecided weather or not I will repurchase it. Hold your horses for a proper review of this...errr....soon. 

13th February 2016

EASTER IS COMING! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! These are simply solid milk chocolate eggs from M&S. Perfect for when you have a choccie craving. And they come wrapped in shiny coloured foil. Who doesn't love shiny things? 

14th February 2016

I won this bottle of Bucks Fizz at work and I really enjoyed drinking it after a day spent at work and to celebrate surviving another V-Day being a single pringle.

15th February 2016

Nerdy Belle and Ronald. Two new friends and the start of my new obsession with all things 'Funko Pop!' Read my little review here. I'm certainly looking forward to growing my collection more. 

16th February 2016

That orange blob is what remains of the Brightside Bubble Bar from Lush (like...from where else? c'mon, this is me we're talking about here!) Sometimes all you need to relax is the bubbliest of bubble baths, with a nourishing face mask and a good book. 

17th February 2016

Fish and chips from my favourite chippy in Bath for dinner tonight. It was scrumptious

18th February 2016

I took this photo from a window at work early (well...just before 8am. but I guess that is early) in the morning on Thursday. Some of the buildings may not be too aesthetically pleasing but when the morning sun shines upon them, they take on a whole new look. 

That's it for week 7! Weeks 8 and 9 could be interesting because I am not at work for either of them! *insert dancing lady emoji here* Mentally, I've got lots planned for this little space on the interwebs. If anything, I really want to spend some time sprucing it up and what-not. 

See you again soon!

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