Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Wander Through My Week | 5 of 52

29th January 2016

H e a v e n l y. 
I am currently 50% Hot chocolate and 50% squirty cream. I'm going to be sad when the Summer arrives as no-one wants on a hot drink on a sweltering sunshiney day.

30th January 2016

Gave myself enough time before work this morning to catch up with 'Pretty Little Liars'. I must the one of the few mad people out there who has watched it at 5am.

31st January 2016

What a horrible looking day. I was at work for most of it though but I arrived home to this sky. My Dad asked me "why are taking a photo?". I could hardly tell him about my 366 photos challenge or that I like taking photos of trees, could I? That would've taken a lot of explaining...

1st February 2016

New suitcase from Cath Kidston! I love it so much! I needed a small suitcase on wheels to take to Keelin's this weekend as I have a far bit to take with me and I did not want to carry a heavy bag up the stairs at work at 6.20am.

2nd February 2016

HOW FLIPPIN' CUTE ARE THESE?? The lighting is crap in this photo but the t-shirt is a light mint greeny colour but it's really all about the dinosaurs. Cartoon creatures are the best. I bought them for Keelin's youngest so he could match his brother (The Godson) when he wears his dinosaur sweatshirt.

3rd February 2016

Ran out of my favourite shampoo and needed to re-buy today. I swear by this stuff. I also love the argan oil to tame my mane as I do have the tendency to look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. Not a good look.

4th February 2016

Eurgh. Blurry photo. Heigh-ho. Night "hike" with the little Guideys and the best bit was the view of Bath from the park we walked through. The worst bit? Walking uphill and then having to go down some super steep steps. My thighs are actually killing me right now. I will suffer in the morning.

That's it for this week! See you on Tuesday for a very special post. *winks*


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