Thursday, 4 February 2016

February Blogging Goals

Is it just me, but doesn't the month February look like such a weird word to spell? I mean, I can never remember how to and I always have to double-check and even then I'm not sure it's correct...

A n y w a y s........

HI! This month is my blogging birthday and so I thought I'd set myself a few goals for it:

1. Network Network Network! Yeah....I'm really bad at this. I am not one to toot my own horn (oo-er) and I am terrible at joining into Twitter chats. I always seem to forget to look for them and then get distracted by something else. At the end of the month, I've got a whole 16 days off work, so my plan is involve myself in them more. If anyone knows of any good ones to join in, please tell me!

2. Take more flat-lays. Lately I've been kind of obsessed by them, so I need to perfect my technique.

3. Schedule posts in advance! Hahahahaha we all know my track record in this *coughs*blogmas*coughs* but so far so good. I'm going away to Keelin's this weekend so I won't have time to write anything for four days due to Harry Potter marathon, prosecco drinking and small boy funtimes, so I need to get on top of the writing! 

4. Blog at least twice per week. As I'm already doing 'A Wander Through My Week' on a Saturday, I'd like to try and post on a Tuesday too, which leaves a space on a Thursday to post an extra one if I get the inspiration.

See you all again on Saturday!

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