Monday, 11 January 2016


Before we go on, I blimmin' love a good flatlay. Such flat. Very lay. Much aesthetic. Wow.

I last had a proper Lush haul in May last year. MAY. That's almost eight whole months ago. Jeeeeeeez. That's not because I haven't been in there since (shut it Keelin. I know what you're thinking) but I only really buy one or two items and they don't really count as a "haul".

Last Friday, it was payday and I had a giftcard demanding to be spent, so I popped in after work. At the same time, I thought I may as well stock up on things I use all the time before I run out of them at the most inconvenient moment (because that always happens).

* = products I swear by

From left-right:
Floating Island | Luxury Bath Oil - £2.00
Aqua Marina | Face Cleanser - £6.95/100g*
Elbow Grease | Moisturising Bar - £5.95
The Comforter | Bubble Bar - £4.95

From left-right:
Brightside | Bubble Bar - £4.95
I Love Juicy | Shampoo - £18.50/500g*
Veganese | Conditioner - £14.95/500g*
Yoga Bomb | Bath Bomb - £3.95

A pamper evening is due soon, don't you think?

See you all again soon xx

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  1. I think there is a definite pamper session on the cards! Needs must and all!