Saturday, 16 January 2016

A Wander Through My Week | 2 of 52

I'm writing this blog whilst watching a Bath Rugby match on the TV. I did the same last week. I detect a theme going on here. 


Quick shopping trip after work finished at 3.30pm meant that I got to walk past this beauty. There is just something so magical about Bath Abbey when the sun shines on it.


Popped into M&S (in the piddling rain I may add!) to get dinner means that I got to pick up a bag of giant chocolate buttons. yumyumyum. Also, why do hands look really weird when you photograph them from this angle? The more I look at it the odder it gets.


BLOGGING TIME! Today I wrote my Lush Haul #2 and I was extremely chuffed about the flat-lay I did for it so I felt the need to take several photos of it's aesthetically-pleasing goodness.


Oh, HAI THERE hair bows! I may be a teensy bit (read: a lot) addicted to buying them at the moment. Although I say this, the hair-grip one at the bottom was a Christmas pressie from a work friendly. The best thing about it is that all three are from my new absolute favourite shop - Tiger (they opened up a new shop in Bath before Christmas and when I found out I could barely contain my glee) - which means they are dirt cheap! 


So, this happened. WHY DO I ALWAYS STRUGGLE TO SLEEP WHEN I NEED TO BE UP AT 4:30am THE NEXT MORNING?? WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY? It's now Saturday and I'm still recovering from less than 6 hours beauty sleep that night.


Wednesday 14th January - also known as the day of the cheese. I finished work at 2.30pm today and I was totally craving cheese on toast (^^ this ^^), but little did I know that my mother was planning a buffet-style dinner that night to "use up bits", and this included leftover camembert and brie. I obviously wasn't forced into eating them but, hey! It's cheese! I'd be silly not to eat it.


Day out in town with my favourites today! This was taken in the Parade Gardens where we had a nippy and blowy picnic and it's another view of Bath Abbey. I also got a couple of sale bargains too which should hopefully be on here soon - I just need a moment where I can take photos of them and because of work and general sleepiness, I haven't had a chance. But soon. I pwomise. 

And that wraps up Week Two.  See you all again soon and have a FAB third week of 2016! (or whatever's left of it.....5 days?)

Ta-ta my lovelies

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