Saturday, 13 June 2015

Tall Person Disadvantages

This is something that I've been meaning to blog about for awhile...

You can't hide in small spaces
Have you ever tried to play 'Hide-and-Seek' (or hiding from someone that you want to jump out on...) when your choice of hiding places is severely limited because you just can't fit in them? *sighs*

People can see you from afar
You will always stand out in a crowd. Always. 

Public (or any) transport SUCKS
Also known as 'ankles up around your ears' because you are so cramped. (what a mental image that is..)
Whenever I sit somewhere where there is oodles of legroom, just be warned that I will get extremely excited and I will possibly go on about it forever. 

Worst balance ever 
Even a slight sneeze could knock you over and the taller you are, the further you fall and furthest you fall from the worse it hurts.

You're constantly required to reach things high up for all the short people
Okay, so usually I don't mind this but sometimes I do think "oh good grief! get a ladder! or stand on your tippy-toes and just reach goddammit!"

Low ceilings, doorways and low-hanging lights are the enemy
I'm surprised that I haven't become permanently brain-damaged due to the number of times that I've been whacked on the head. There is a ceiling at work which, I kid you not, is only a few centimetres from the top of my head. 

You look ridiculous when you bend down to pick something off the floor
How awkward does this look? It is an accurate representation though.
Doing this can also lead to back and knee pain. Have you ever tried to stretch out the aches when you are long of limbed? Arms flail everywhere and you inevitably smack ceilings with your hands.

Despite all of these issues, I have learnt to love my height and honestly, dealing and adapting with the outside world has made me a better person, so I wouldn't be "me" if I was of an average height.

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