Thursday, 11 June 2015

FOOD REVIEW - The Stable: Bath

I hope I can type coherently because I am still slightly gazebo'd* but I want to write this review whilst it's fresh in my mind!

Me and mon ami Shelle visited 'The Stable', which has recently moved to a new premises in Bath. Neither us had been to one before (they have quite a few scattered about the West Country/the South), and as they specialise in pizza (yes please) and cider (it is the law in this part of England that one must drink cider regularly or else you'll get kicked out....), we thought we'd go, and we're so glad we did!!

'Cider tasting board'
£7.50 for 5 different ciders in 200ml glasses (roughly1/3 of a pint)
1 = dry to 5 = sweet
I pretty much liked all five and I was pleasantly surprised by 'Beesting' because I'm not usually a fan of sweet ciders.
I think my favourites were Cornish Vintage and Devon Red.

My pizza: The Pumproom Piggy - £11.00 
Named after a local tourist attraction, this pizza is topped with smoked bacon, field mushrooms, fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella and a free-range hen’s egg. 

MMmmmmmmMMMMmmmm!! This was delicious!! I shall forever call this the 'Breakfast Pizza' (and we all know what my views on breakfast are!)

Shelle's pizza: The Billy the Kid - £12.00
Goats’ cheese, caramelised onions, field mushrooms, spinach leaves, fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella. Topped with roasted hazelnuts.

This is something that I would not eat as I think that goat's cheese tastes like soap but Shelle enjoyed it. 

Both pizzas were of a perfect size, not too much but not too little either.

Now...onto the best bit! DESSERT!! What a novelty this was....

PIZZA PUDDINGS!! Yes, dessert. On a pizza. We shared these two between us so we could have a bit of variety.
TOP: The Stable Meringue - £4.50 small (£7.00 large) 
Fresh pizza with lemon curd, crunchy meringue pieces and fresh raspberry purée.
BOTTOM: Nutella Pizza Pudding - £4.50 small (£7.00 large)
Chocolate, hazelnut and mascarpone pizza.

I can't decide which I liked more, but I think I am swaying towards the Nutella one. 

We are already planning on going back next Thursday to try more pizza. And more cider. Obviously. I'm liking the sound of 'The Fitzwilliam' as it has a blue cheese topping. The pizza that is. I don't think I'd like cider with a smelly cheesy foam....*shut up Clarey*

Click here to visit their website to see where they are and view their menu's (they vary depending on what ingredients and ciders they can source locally.

Have you visited one of their restaurants? Which is your favourite pizza of theirs?

*in Britain, you can substitute any noun to mean that you are "tipsy" or "drunk". Please watch the following by the gloriously hilarious Michael McIntyre for further explanation:

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