Saturday, 20 June 2015

In My Ferry Bag

This time tomorrow, I shall be on Guernsey!! YAY!! 

Here is what I like to take on board with me. It's a 3 hour crossing from Poole, which isn't too long really, considering 30 minutes of that is navigating out of Poole Harbour.

IPod - Who can't manage journeys of any length without music? ME.
Passport - For any duty-free purchases of the alcoholic variety.
Purse - For money. Duh. On board there is a duty-free shop and most importantly, there is a Costa Coffee kiosk. 
A book - Probably not this one. I needed a book for the photo and this is the one that I'm currently re-reading.
Bottle of water - For all my hydration and tablet-taking needs.
Notebook & pen - In case I get blogging inspiration.
Carmex & chewing gum - I don't need to explain why these are included.
Seasickness tablets - A necessary precaution when sailing the English Channel. I few years ago, every crossing I went on, to and from Guernsey, the sea conditions were dreadful and I was sick each time. These days, I take tablets just in case.
Phone - Even though there is no phone signal in the middle of the channel or no wi-fi on the ferry, I like to have it with me.
Tissues - Again, I don't need to explain.

We're sailing with Condor Ferries, which happens to have the best safety video ever:

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