Monday, 22 June 2015

An Ode to the Beach

The calming sound of the waves lapping up against the shore,
Stick your feet in and go BRRR! TOO COLD!

Warm sand, so very soft underfoot,
Unexpectedly find it months later in the most random places back at home.

Sat on the dunes eating a nice, cold ice-cream,
Oh look! Here comes Mr. Seagull who wants a bite too!

Perched on a blanket and eating a picnic lunch,
A sudden gust of wind blows and you literally get sand in your sandwiches.

Tanning yourself under the blue, cloudless sky,
What's that in the distance? A black cloud? Quick! Dash! Hasten under cover!

Massaging in that deliciously scented sun-cream,
Wake up the next morning to find finger shaped marks on your shoulder. Whoops! Missed a bit!*

Watching small children building castles made of sand,
Here come a couple of local youths to kick it down.

*sadly I'm not making this up. it happened to me last year. 

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