Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The British Tag

I saw this tag on Dorkface, so I thought I'd do it! (I'm bored, ok?)

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars?
Tea? BLECH! I prefer coffee, thankyouverymuchly.

2. Favourite part of your roast?
Yorkshire puddding. Closely followed by roast potatoes. Oh, and gravy is essential.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?
All the biscuits?

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
Queuing. I get irrationally angry when people can't queue in an orderly fashion.

5. Favourite word?
Can't think of a particular favourite but I do like 'crumpet'.

6. Cockney rhyme slang?
Apple and pears? (stairs)

7. Favourite sweet?
Rhubarb and Custard boiled sweets.

8. What would your pub be called?
'The Laughing Giraffe'.

9. No.1 British person?
I can't pick one! There are too many!

10. Favourite shop / Restaurant?
Shop - ASOS. Restaurant - Jamie's Italian.

11. What British song pops into your head?
Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. Purely because I just heard it on Spotify and because Solsbury Hill is actually located in Bath. FACT!

12. Marmite?
YUM. Not too much though as it's quite a strong flavour.

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