Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday Favourites #3

IT'S THE RETURN OF 'FRIDAY FAVOURITES'!! YAY! When did I post my last one? April??? APRIL??? I guess since then I haven't had anything 'favourite' to talk about....anyways, on with the post.

❤︎ Summer is on it's way! Woopwoop!! I'm really liking the daylight when I have to be up at stupid o'clock for work. Although, I'm not liking so much going to bed when the sun is still up.

❤︎ Receiving surprise treats in the post from Boots. Every so often, they send out gifts to their advantage card customers (I had something from them last month too - I reviewed it here) and today when I got home from work, there was a box waiting for me. I'm not going to lie, I shrieked rather loudly with excitement when I saw it. Good thing I was home alone at the time.... This hand cream smells divine! I have yet to try it out, but when I do, I shall report back.

❤︎ On Wednesday, I finally decided to teach myself coding [html/css] *coughs*nerd*coughs*. I've known basic HTML for a fair few years now as I used to dabble in making my own websites with Geocities (rip and no, I can't remember what they were about!) and tweaking various Tumblr themes but CSS has always been gobbledegook to me. The course I'm doing is on CodeAcademy and it's really well explained. I think I've overloaded my brian with too much information, as it's got to a complicated part and I'm a bit confused! I'm going to persevere with it though.

❤︎ Pinterest. I've really gotten into this in the past couple of weeks. When I'm bored on my breaks at work (usually this happens quite often), I pop onto the Pinterest app and have a peruse. This is my favourite from today:

❤︎ The Benefit 'Roller Lash' mascara. To be honest, I only bought this because it had great reviews from two of my favourite YouTubers [Zoella and SprinkleofGlitter] and I love trying out new things. I don't normally buy Benefit but because I'm a mascara freak, I had to buy this and I think it's amazing. I'm not going to rave on too much about it today because I want to do a proper review...but I loves it. A lot.

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend everyone! (If you are the UK that is. Do other countries celebrate the Spring Bank Holiday?? LET ME KNOW IF YOU DO. Plz.)

Toodles xx

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