Monday, 18 May 2015

Vintage Find

On Sunday I was at my Granny's house, which we are slo-o-o-o-wly having to clear out in order to sell, and I found a vintage suitcase sat on top of a wardrobe. I couldn't resist snaffling it for myself. It was extremely dusty when I found it, so I wiped it down with a wet dish-cloth and when I got home again, I gave it a bit of a polish. It's definitely been well used because it is quite scratched (and, inexplicably, got a few paint marks on it!) but I really like it. It comes with it's original keys too.

I've looked up 'Globetrotter' online, and they're a company that dates back to 1897. Brand new suitcases could cost you almost £1000! *faints* But these particular ones are selling for about £20 on EBay. Not that I'm going to sell it though. I'd like to think that either my Gran or my Grampy took this to various countries with them. Possibly on a train. I now have a sudden desire to go on a long train journey through Europe, taking only what I can fit in this suitcase....

What would you do/where would you go with vintage luggage?

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