Thursday, 18 February 2016

Nails #1

Base-Coat | Nails Inc 'Hyde Park'
Colour | Tanya Burr 'Little Duck'
Top-Coat | Nails Inc 'Albert Bridge'

Eurgh. Painting one's nails is Such. A. Faff. I mean, I love the end result but I find the process of actually doing the nails so tedious AND I usually smudge them between coats *sighs*.

However, I really didn't know what to write about for today so I thought I'd do this because I like seeing other peoples immaculate nails and nail-art (obviously, I am faaaaaar from their standards).

Two days on, and apart from the odd chip where I've caught a couple of fingernails on equipment at work, they have lasted surprisingly well!

Out of all the base/top coats I've tried (and I've tried a fair few), I do believe that Nail's Inc make the best.

See all your lovely faces again on Saturday!


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