Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Funko Pop! | New Obsession

Funko is a pop-culture company from America and their Pop! Vinyl range has sold over 55 million worldwide.

I stumbled across these cute figures when I was searching for the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit on Amazon and they popped up under "other customers have bought..." and I legit spent a good half hour browsing through the collection and squeeing. 

Prices for them can vary depending on who you buy them from or how rare they are, for example, I paid just under £20 for Nerd Belle because I believe that it's a limited edition, yet I paid £12.99 for Ronald. You can probably get better deals if you shop around on the interwebs.

Funko have pretty much covered most fandoms with these vinyl toys. There is Marvel, Games and movies in general. Just look on their website at the entire collection to give you some ideas.

Now I've bought these two, I definitely want more. Here are a few on my wishlist:

and in March (April for the UK I think) there are more Harry Potter ones being released! Luna Lovegood! Dementor! Dobby! *quivers with excitement*

Have you got Funko Pop! collection?

See you soon

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