Thursday, 11 February 2016

9 Problems Every Bookworm Can Relate To

Helloooo there everyone!

I am a certified bookworm and I have been There is nothing I like more than curling up with a good book and wiling away the hours with my paper and ink friends. Sadly though, being a bookworm comes with a fair set of problems, here are a few that I face constantly:

1. Walking into a book shop, inhaling that papery aroma and practically having an orgasm in the middle of the 'best-sellers' aisle.

2. Finishing a entire series and then not knowing what to do with your life anymore.

3. Dropping the book into your bath. It never looks the same again.

4. Getting into a series which is out-of-print and then finding out you need to take out a loan to buy copies, especially if they are in hardback.

5. Starting a new series and having to wait a year (or more - Harry Potter, I'm looking at you) for the next instalment.

6. Watching a TV/film adaptation of your favourite book and getting irrationally angry over it when the writers cut out vital plot points and your favourite characters.

7. Visiting a charity shop and having heart palpitations at the sight of all the cheap, secondhand books.

8. Running out of space to store your books. Perish the thought that you should ever get rid of any!

9. Knowing that you have to be up super early the next morning, but you can't seem to put the book down. "Just one more chapter.....oh go on....maybe another..."

See y'all Saturday!


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