Wednesday, 2 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY TWO: How Many Advent Calendars Is Too Many?

This is a question that I have asked myself a lot recently. Is it two? Or even three maybe? Well....I seem to have acquired four. Whoops. I really had no willpower this year. Although, to be fair, my parents bought me the The Snowman & Snowdog one. I have no excuses for the others.

'The Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar' - M&S
A couple of weeks ago, M&S ran a promotion where you could buy this advent calendar [worth a whopping £200!! *faints*] for just £25, when you spent £25 on anything in their Beauty dept. As I needed to buy my mother a Christmas present, I thought I may as well take up the offer. I plan on taking a photo of each gift and doing a whole post on it later on.

Hotel Chocolat
MmMmmmMmmmmmmmmm! *drools* I love dark chocolate and I love Hotel Chocolat. I wanted one of these last year, but I left it too late and they had all sold out :( They also do white and milk chocolate versions, and one with truffles, which is for two people [which would totally have been just for me if it was slightly cheaper!]

The Snowman & Snowdog
Oh parents. Whilst I am extremely grateful that you gave this to me, did you not realise that as a child, I had severe issues with 'The Snowman'? HE DIES AT THE END! HOW IS THIS A CHILD-FRIENDLY FILM???

Dan and Phil
Ummm...yes. So this happened. 2015 was the year I discovered their Youtube channels so I thought what better way to celebrate an amazing year than with their chocolate advent calendar. I told you I had no willpower.

See you all again tomorrow for the start of my weekend away visiting a friend posts! xx

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