Monday, 14 December 2015


What’s your favourite thing about Winter?
Frosty mornings when the sun is shining. 

Scarves or beanies?

Favourite holiday movie?
White Christmas.

Favourite winter nail polish?
I love painting my nails red this time of year. Something glittery is also good too.

Favourite holiday drink?
Snowball! Advocaat + lime juice + lemonade = AMAZING!

Top 3 winter essentials?
Fluffy socks. Snuggly pyjamas. Fleecy blanket/throw.

What’s 1 item on my Christmas list?
Inside Out dvd. I haven't asked for much this year as I don't really need anything.

Must have winter lip product?
Lip balm! My go-to at the moment is either a tube of Carmex or Honey Trap by Lush.

Favourite winter candle scents?
Yankee Candle's 'Sugar Cookie' is my current fave.

What’s your Christmas day outfit?
Pyjama's all day long if I can get away with it!

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