Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Livejournal Memories: Part Two

HELLO AGAIN!! Welcome back to my mini-series called 'Livejournal Memories'. In 'Part One', we looked at my profile back in 2007 (I'm still laughing over how I loved doing the conga). Now we shall see what was going on in my life back then. Oh, I am going to asterisk out certain names mentioned, just in case they ever read this.

I'm not going to share all 35 entries with you because some are ridiculously inane. 

21st January 2007
I am currently two days in on my two and a half weeks holiday....and I am already bored BUT, this time next week, I shall be in Disneyland :D. Yay. 

In fact, I shall be quite busy next week.
Monday : District meeting [Guides]
Tuesday : Wagamama's with work people
Wednesday : Out with Shelle as usual
Thursday : Hair appointment & Guides [must also get my Euro's and last minute things sometime today!]
Friday : NOTHING. I will vegetate all day :)
Saturday : Rugby
Sunday : Up early as the flight is at 8.40am and we have to be at Bristol airport at least 2 and 1/2hrs beforehand.

Wow. Thrilling.

16th February 2007
Argh. I am exhausted. And I have work tomorrow morning at 8am. And after work, it's the party. And I have to work on Sunday. I feel sleepy just thinking about it. 

Today was one of the best days I have had in awhile :)
1. Twas my half day at work [8-1]. 
2. **** and I were playing charades in the corner, fully aware that ***** [evil lady] was in the building and could come and visit us at any time and catch us not working and shout at us.
3. A polo made me hyper + run round so much that **** was worried about me *giggles*
4. Had lunch with Shelle at Cafe Uno. The half a bottle of wine made me slightly drunk. Oh well.

Firstly, what party was this?? Secondly, a single polo made me hyper?? Thirdly, I was such a lightweight back then. Fourthly, HARRY POTTER NERD ALERT!!! MIDNIGHT RELEASE!! 

19th February 2007
Well. Cor blimey and shiver me timbers! Watched Jane Eyre 2006 aujourd'hui. Phwoar. Mr Rochester. 

Ooooh Mock the Week. Yay. <3

Please note the random French and the "Phwoar". *sighs* 


24th February 2007
I drank a whole bottle of wine last night. Whoops. That is the consequence of having a shit week. Oh yes.

But today is the rugby. Bath v Saracens and then England v Ireland.


Part Three (the last part. *hears everyone cheering*) of this cringe fest will be coming to a computer near you on Friday! YAY.

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