Monday, 11 May 2015

Livejournal Memories: Part One

Way way back in the olden days of the internet (2006), I had a Livejournal account where I basically wrote rubbish for a couple of years. I must have deleted some of the earliest entries because the only existing ones are from 2007-2008.

On a related note, Livejournal was not in fact my first attempt at blogging. Does anyone else remember a website called Diary-X?? It's such a shame (not really, if you think my LJ is cringe-worthy, D-X would be a whole lot worse) that the website crashed and everything got deleted due to some fool at the Diary-X servers not backing everyones pages up on a hard-drive. No really, that is what happened. Idiots.

Let's get back to my journey down memory lane. I think I'm going to split this (painful) look back into my blogging history into three parts:
  1. My Livejournal profile.
  2. Part-one of old posts.
  3. Part-two of old posts.

The Profile

This is full of LOL! 
"MSN Messenger" "GHD Hair Straighteners" "The male dancers on Strictly Come Dancing" "Will Scarlett" (to be fair though, Harry Lloyd was such a babe) and my absolute favourite thing that apparently I loved back in 2007 was "Doing the Conga". WHaaaaatttTT???

HA!! Nothing changes... Also, hello apostrophe in "emo's"! 2007Me did not proof read at all.

Random Bits
I get the giggles over the slightest and random things. I always have a song in my head. I get excited very easily. I have a bad habit of mis-reading things. I speak a language called Clareish; it includes a mixture of French with words like "Pffft" "Nung" "Groovy" "Fabulous". I have FanGirlish tendencies.
[I tried to screenshot this bit but it wouldn't fit on here so I gave up and cried]

ALL STILL VERY TRUE!! Although I have toned down the Clareish somewhat.

I'm going to end Part-One with a lovely photo of Harry Lloyd as 'Will Scarlet' from Robin Hood. Goodnight!


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