Sunday, 26 April 2015

Socially Awkward Problems

After this week, I will never again underestimate my ability to avoid a potentially extremely awkward situation. I don't recommend anyone to do this unless they are a trained professional. Which I'm not, so I just got lucky.

Something happened where I had to talk (that alone is just...urg.) to a guy who broke my heart into several billionty pieces (not that he will ever know that) and even though I really don't give a flying spork about him anymore, I was dreading having to speak to him to sort out my issue because I am what is known as socially awkward.

Now, usually I think of my ability to trip over nothing, walk into doors, spill food & drink down my clothes, fall up/down/sideways on stairs and never being able to hold an intelligent conversation with people I barely know, as loveable quirks and I wouldn't be "me" if I was a functioning member of society but the one thing I absolutely hate is the fact that certain people make me nervous, either because they intimidate me or, in this case, too I have too many not-so-good memories of them. These type of people I actively try to avoid interacting with, just in case I throw up or can't speak in front of them.  
This is pathetic. We're all human, so why do I find it so difficult??  I fear I will never know the answer to this.

The conclusion to this tale is that I somehow managed to not get the problem sorted for two days, until I saw someone else who was able to do it for me on Saturday. Result! What I would have done if this didn't happen, I dread to think.

On a related note, please read 'Awkward Makes You Awesome' because it proves I am not alone. 

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