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Learning French with Madmoiselle Clarey

Bon soirée mes petits choux!! Ça va? Bonne. 

So...yes. In my previous post (Friday Favourites #2) I mentioned that I found an old exercise book of mine from school and I thought "hey, why don't I share with the people of interwebs my 12/13 year old brain in French mode."

My teacher at the time was called Madame Small (later known as Frau Small as she took me for GCSE German) and she was the best teacher I ever had, purely because she actually had a sense of humour (which is a rare trait in many teachers I have known). This will become clear in some of the examples I will give. 
On a side note, I actually made her laugh in my practice GSCE German Oral exam by saying "Mein Vater ist sehr komish und er kann nicht singen." (My father is very weird and he can't sing). Yup. Even as a 16 year old I was trying to be hilarious.

ANYWAYZ. Back to le Français. 

[En Classe - in class]

Je dois = I must laver les cheveux - wash your hair
............promener le chien/le éléphant - walk the dog/elephant
............manger mon chien - eat my dog
............aller a la piscine - go swimming

Je suis désolée mais je ne peux pas parce que je dois laver le chien - I'm sorry but I can't because I have to wash the dog.

ressemble à = looks like
Mon père ressemble à un arbre - my father looks like a tree
Ma copine ressemble à Britney Spiers - my friend looks like Britney Spiers
Ma mère ressemble à un lit - my mother looks like a bed

Using the future tense with "aller"
aller = to go

J'ai vais = I go/I will
Tu vas = You go/You will

And now, we get to the best bit. The following came from my own brain (which was clearly going through it's "soooooooooo random!!!" phase). We had to do horoscopes to learn this particular bit of grammar.
Note: I used Google Translate to remind myself of what I was trying to say in English, and it became clear that this was never marked because some don't make much sense.

La semaine du 26 Juin au 1 Juilett

The week of 26th June to 1st July

Verseau / Aquarius 
Tu vas recevoir un grand cadeau. Attention! Ce n'est pas quel tu imaginer.
You will receive a big present. Watch out! It's not what you imagine.

Poissons / Pisces
Tu vas gagner beaucoup d'argent.
You will win a lot of money.

Bélier / Aries
Tu vas oublier sur beaucoup de amusement parce que tu vas un sensation coeur.
You will forget about a lot of fun because you're feeling heart.

Taureau / Taurus
Tu vas devenir attaque par la grand pigeon et porter de la maison de la Wombles dans Wimbledon Common.
You will be attacked by a great pigeon and bring the house of the Wombles of Wimbledon Common.
(Possibly trying to say "You will be attacked by a big pigeon and go to live in the house of the WofWC. " IDK.)

Gémeaux / Gemini
Tu vas creuser en Bulgarie.
You will dig Bulgaria.
("You will dig in Bulgaria"??)

Balance / Libra
Tu vas voyager sur la cobaye en Pérou.
You will travel on the guinea-pig in Peru.

Scorpion / Scorpio
Tu vas rencontrer une idole dans ton rêver.
You will meet an idol in your dream.

Sagittaire / Sagittarius 
Tu vas avoir un accident.
You will have an accident.

Capricorne / Capricorn
Tu vas perdre ton favourite arbre.
You will lose your favourite tree.

(I sincerely apologise if any of these actually come true. Personally, being a Scorpio, I'm quite looking forward to see if mine does.)

I am going to leave you with a classic Mme. Small. We were learning how to complain in a restaurant and one of the examples was:
Ma glace est chaude = my ice-cream is hot

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