Monday, 9 February 2015

Reasons to be happy #1

  1. Even though it is still ruddy cold outside, Spring is definitely on it's way. YAY. 
  2. One of my best pals sent me a video of her son (my Godson) counting to 3, then running down the hallway in their flat. Ok, so the words "One, two, three" aren't very clear but you get the jist of what he is trying to say. This makes me SO proud of him as he is not 2 years old until the end of the month. 
  3. Because of food. 
Nutella cookie from Starbucks

Camemburger from 'Gourmet Burger Kitchen'.

5. Because of cheese based jokes. 

Q: Whats the best cheese to coax a bear down a mountain? 
A: Camembert (Come On Bear) 


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