Saturday, 14 February 2015

Finding Clothes When You Are 6-Foot Tall #1

Life is hard when you are long of limbed. Especially when you are female. Dresses become tunic tops. Long sleeves become 3/4 length. Trousers which have any hint of a flare start swinging round the ankles. Attractive thought there. Anyways...let's CRACK ON with the post.

I was in need want of some new trousers, so of course, I turned to the Interweb to do research. I'm really picky with what I dress my legs in. The fabric needs to have a bit of stretch and I can't BEAR jeans which only do up with buttons and no zip #curvygirlproblems. I've learnt over the years that skinny/slim fit is THE BEST. Who cares if they are not quite long enough?? They are made to be next to the skin!! I found two pairs I liked. One from a regular persons height shop and one from a shop that caters for fellow baby giraffes. YAY.

These are a LONG leg but on me, ankle grazers! According to the size chart, a LONG is 33" inside leg, but I am a 36" (I TOLD you I was tall) and the length isn't too bad. They have the perfect amount of stretch and they are such a lovely colour. I already have a pair of proper denim jeggings from here, which I bought many moons ago, and they are still are comfortable as they were when I got them. *applauds M&S*

These leggings are just simply AMAZING! I could probably wear these all day long and not get that restrictive feeling that you sometimes get with jeans. I didn't know what to expect with them being made of "scuba" material. I mean, that just makes me think of wetsuits and deep-sea diving, but actually, they are just like disco pant material. Very smooth and shiny. I'm looking forward to wearing them on a work meal on Monday. 

So there we have it. The first instalment of Finding Clothes When You Are 6-Foot Tall.

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