Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Wander Through My Week | 4 of 52

I've kept up this feature for 4 whole weeks now. FOUR. How impressive is that? (Not every, but it is for me. The little achievements make me smile.)

But where has the week gone? I can't believe that I'm writing another update. In fact, the whole of January has flown by. If we're not careful, we'll blink and it'll be Christmas again. 


Let's pretend for a moment that I took this photo on Friday and not Saturday *coughs* 
Sometime last week, Hotel Chocolat mentioned on teh Instagram about their sale and their "surprise selection boxes", so naturally I had to have a look on the website and I may of accidentally clicked "buy". All this cost £12.00! What fool turns down a bargain like that?? So far I've tried the Coconut Baby Truffles and the Orange & Almond slab and they are both very nice and certainly live up to Hotel Chocolat standards.


*sighs* I miss Guernsey. Their annual brochures arrived in the post and they made my heart ache. I'm definitely going again at the end of June for two weeks but hopefully *crosses fingers* I may go for a week sometime with a friend.


This is what happens when you go to Waitrose and there is Red Velvet Cake reduced to 99p per slice. I blimmin' love Red Velvet Cake. It has got to be in my top 10 cakes of all time. I just wish that more places sold it. Actually, I don't because the temptation would be too much.


Arrived home from work this evening to catch the end of a Sport Relief advert on BBC1 and I immediately went online to see where my nearest event was and lo and behold, there is one being held in Bath! This inspired me to text Keelin and get her on my side and we're now going to be doing a 6 mile walk because, you know, we want to challenge ourselves. 
I hate most exercise but I could easily walk for miles, so to do it for charity, it's even better. 
You can sponsor me here. Please. I'll love you forever if you do.


Woke up this morning with a sore throat. EURGH. WHO BREATHED ON ME??!! I'm not surprised I got ill though as at work, you can either be in Siberian conditions or in the locker room where the heating is on full blast so it's like the tropics. Add to that the weird fluctuating temperates outside that the UK is currently experiencing, it doesn't bode well for my health.
Anyhoo, Lemsip got me through the following night of sleep. YAY.


I get such a thrill opening up new pots of things. Just look at how smooth and clean the top is! Shame it can't stay like that always. [You can read my review of this in the post below.]


The filters I used on this has given it a kinda Lomo and vintagey look. I likey. 
Went shopping to a shopping mall in Bristol with Keelin today and I was stood in this spot for almost a whole hour because sodding traffic made our bus home stupidly late! We went to catch the bus at 4pm and I didn't walk in the door until gone 7pm!!! What made it worse is that it was cold and windy and everyone was tired from a day of buying all the things so we weren't best pleased to have wasted an hour of our lives waiting and then waiting some more.

That's the end of this week's wander. And this months. WOW. I hope you are enjoying them so far. I know I am, even if it's because it will be interesting to re-read them all at the end of the year.

Love you lots jelly-tots!

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