Monday, 25 January 2016

9 Ways To Survive the Winter Blues

I think we can all agree that January is possibly the dullest and worst month of the year. There are no festivities to look forward to (Christmas seems like a distant memory), the days are short and no-one has any money to spend because of buying all the food and presents during the previous months. 

So it's no surprise that we all get really "URRRRG" around this time of year. Did you know that the 3rd Monday in January has been named 'Blue Monday' as it's the "most depressing day of the year"? Well. That really cheers things up. 

The past few years, I have really suffered from the "blues". I didn't have the energy or the inclination to do anything at all. This year however, something has changed. I don't know what, but it has. Maybe I'm refusing to let it get to me this time. 

There are a few things that I think have helped me and I thought I'd shared them with you today. Spread a little love and joy and all that jazz.

  1. Eat copious amounts of cake whilst drinking a huuuuge mug of your favourite hot beverage.
  2. Invest in a daylight bulb. Best investment I ever made. I bought mine back in May, so I'm only feeling the benefits of it now. You can buy one here from Amazon and it costs £6.49.
  3. Spend quality time with a small child. Even if it's just chilling on the sofa with them. Baby/toddler cuddles are the best. 
  4. Binge watch your favourite TV show/Youtubers.
  5. Put on a DVD of a stand-up comedian who makes you laugh until your belly hurts. My go to is Michael McIntyre. LOVE HIM!
  6. Spend the entire day reading under a blanket or in a duvet cocoon. 
  7. Take a long hot bubble bath until you end up looking like this:
not accurate representation obvs. unless you are a prune. 

include this into a pamper evening and you will be guaranteed to feel better.
     8. Get some fresh air. Even if it's the coldest day ever. Wrap up nice and snug and take a mini-walk.
     9. Have a Disney movie marathon. Need I say more? Don't forget to sing along!

What never fails to cure your blues?

See you all again soon,

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