Saturday, 12 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY TWELVE: Festive Nails #1

Today marks the half-way point of Blogmas 2015! *gulps* I still can't understand how I've managed to get a post written and up for 7am each morning. I did plan on writing lots of posts in advance, but that plan has gone out the window lately. Maybe this weekend I'll catch up. Who knows?

Today is also the day of my work's Christmas party and I'm not going this year because I am a Party Pooper. Seriously through, I just can't be bothered to get dressed up just to stand awkwardly in a cramped place with loud music with people I can barely tolerate most days (not talking about all of the lovelies I work with - just the majority!). So I'm gonna spend it curled up on the sofa watching Strictly and then probably a Christmas movie.

But who says that just because I'm not leaving the house, my nails can't get festive? 

BASE COAT: Hyde Park - Nails Inc
COLOUR: The Black Knight - Butter London
TOP COAT: Westminster Bridge Matte - Nails Inc

I was definitely not planning on using a matte top coat but, alas! I seem to have mislaid my usual one. Heigh ho. I rather like the effect it gave my nails though!

See you all again tomorrow! xx

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