Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Birthday Treats

Well, howdy-doo my little cupcakes. I hope all is well with every single one of your beautiful faces. 

Yesterday was my birthday and I am 100% done with this "growing old" malarky. The only good thing about your day of birth is free food and drink.

That's right. Free food. And Drink. Say whaaaat?!

I think it's so clever when companies give you free stuff around your birth-date. Top-notch marketing there!

Here is a list of all the places this year that have gifted me with their beverages and food:

Giraffe [mailing list]: Free bottle of Prosecco* when you spend £30 on food.
Jamie's Italian [Gold Club member]: Free bottle of Prosecco* when you spend £30 on food. Oh and a free brownie [as pictured above] too!
Las Iguana's [mailing list]: Free main course.
Krispy Kreme [mailing list / rewards card - can't remember which!]: Free doughnut of your choice.
Gourmet Burger Kitchen [mailing list / GBK app]: Buy one burger and get another one free.

*Over 18's only. Please drink responsibly.

I haven't, and probably won't, take advantage of the entire list. I've been to my 3 favourites on the list though (Giraffe, Jamie's and KK).

Do you know of any other companies that do this sort of thing? Let me know below.

See you soon! xx

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