Thursday, 2 July 2015

Tall Person Advantages

Why, hellooooo there everybody! How are you all doing? I'm fabbity-fab-fab, thank you very much for asking.
First off, an apology. Last month, I blogged about 'Tall Person Disadvantages' and I really really did mean to write this particular post sooner, but I kind of forgot. Whoops. Anyways, here we go...

You are a beacon for your shorter friends in crowds
The rule generally is, "if we get lost, just look for Clare." This could be classed as a 'disadvantage', but at least it means that you can be useful.

Finding people is easy because you can see over everything and everyone
"Oh, excuse me, I've lost my husband, can you help me find him?"
"Sure!" *stands on tippie-toes for ultimate effect*

You will be last to die in a flood
As I always say, I may be the first to know when it rains but when the sea-levels rise and there is a flood of biblical proportions, then you will have the last laugh because with my height, I will be the last to submerge under the water. HA!

Long legs = longer stride
This means that you will get to places far quicker than everyone else. It also helps that I am a naturally fast walker, but even so, I still am blessed with a 'long-legged walk' as Keelin calls it.

Little old ladies think you are lovely
You can reach high up things for them and then they think that you are completely amazing and a lovely human bean.

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