Saturday, 18 July 2015

Stop With The Body-Shaming. Please.

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Today I learnt that Instagram has banned the hashtag "curvy" because apparently "it was being used to share images and videos that violated Instagram’s community guidelines around nudity." 
However, you can still search for - after a warning pops up - "thin" and "skinny" and...guess what? You can find nudes. [Don't, for the love of all that is holy, even think about searching for "dildo". ALL THE NEKKIDNESS! Thanks Buzzfeed.]

Great move Instagram!! *slow claps* A bit of double-standards there, don't you think?

Why can't we just all accept that we all come in different shapes and sizes? Being "curvy" does not equate fatness. I know plenty of people who are curvy and they don't live off a diet of cake, pizza and chips! WOW. On the other foot, lots of people who are perceived as either "skinny' or "thin" aren't starving themselves as they have healthy appetites! Shock. Horror. No-one on their death-bed has ever said "oh my, I wish I didn't eat those cupcakes. I should have had more salad!" (or vice-versa.)

Everyone has different opinions on what is classed as beautiful but that doesn't give you the right to put someone down if they don't look the way you want them to. It is Not Cool.

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