Saturday, 25 July 2015

21 Thoughts You Have When Shopping in Ikea


1. ♫ It's a magical place, we're on our way there, with stuff in a million all under one roof, it's called Ikea! 
2. Wait. That's not right...
3. ♫ Schlomping is for you, schlomping is for me-EEE ♫ *tries to hit the highest note I can* *dogs howl* *all glass things in the vicinity crack and shatter*
4. WE. ARE. HERE! Woohoo!
5. Must remember that the car is parked in Zone F. 
6. Basket or trolley? Are we going to buy all the things or just some of them?
7. These pencils are so teeny-tiny! I feel like a giant using them.
8. Shall we follow the route shown or shall we be rebels and go any which way?
9. That sofa/bed/chair looks so squishy! It is made for sits.
10. When I buy a house, I will get an Ikea kitchen. Yes, yes I will.
11. Do I need any new bedding? No. But's so pretty...
12. Cushions galore! I'm literally in cushion heaven right now.
13. How many mugs counts as too many...?
14. What exactly does that thing do?
15. I *heart* the stuffed toys! We all need a stuffed carrot/broccoli/8-piece salmon set in our lives.
16. OMG LOOK AT THE TEA PARTY SET!!! I want a grown-up version made please.
17. How many cacti do I need to own before I become a Crazy Cacti Lady?
18. Ahh...the smell of flat-pack furniture in all its woody glory. *takes a deep breath*
19. Do I need to buy a bag? I can carry all of this in my arms, right?
20. SWEDISH FOOD! *stays away from the weird looking fish and meat*
21. Okay....where is the car?


  1. I love Ikea! I completely agree with number 13. I can't but enough of those mugs!

    1. I actually had an argument with myself about whether or not to buy another. I didn't and I regret it a tiny bit.