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Why has it taken me so long to do a standard 'About Me' page? idk. 

Heeeeerrrreeee weeee gooooo....

Name: Clare, but I will also answer to Clarey or Clare-Bear or "the tall girl" (even though that is a bit rude).

Birthdate: 2nd November. 

Age: 29 but I look (and act) about 10 years younger. This is odd because growing up taller than everyone my age, I was thought to be older than I was. No wonder I've grown into a very confuzzled adult...but we all must remember that 'age is just a number'.

Where I Live: A small city in the West of England called Bath.

My Job: I work full-time for a retail establishment that shall remain nameless.

How Tall Am I Exactly?: A quite lovely 6ft, and no, I do not play basketball/netball and I could not be a model due to my face and my love of cake.

Why I Started Blogging: I needed a distraction from my daily life and an outlet for all my random thoughts.

Any Previous Blogs?: Why, YES. I used to have a Livejournal account about 10 years ago and I wish I could remember my login details just for the cringe and the lolz.

Want To Know More?: Look out for 'Facts About Me' posts. I've done one already back in February and I will most likely do others.

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